Types of Honeymoons

Sea to shining sea, mountains, beaches and everything in between, the world is your honeymoon oyster! Couples have so many options when it comes to choosing the scenery for their trip of a lifetime. It can be hard to choose just one. Every couple is Different, so browse our website and go through all destinations from across the world to find a place with the perfect scenery for your newlywed bliss …

  • Beach Honeymoons.
  • City Honeymoons.
  • Desert Honeymoons.
  • Island Honeymoons.
  • Mountain Honeymoons.
  • Private Island Honeymoons.
  • Unique Honeymoons.

Beach Honeymoons: Imagine strolling on the beach hand-in-hand as newlyweds, warm sand between your toes as a fiery reddish – orange sun slowly deeps below the horizon. When planning starts for post-wedding gateways, beach honeymoons seems to be among the first image that pop into people’s mind. The idea of a relaxing beach honeymoon appeals because it can place you in a serene environment with the chance to spend quality time along together. Even better, at Neels Holiday most beach honeymoon destinations are tailored to newlyweds with all-inclusive packages, romantic dining and plenty of opportunity to be active with water sports & cruises. Will you relax in a chaise lounge with a cocktail and water lapping at your feet ? Will you be out exploring volcanoes or perhaps swimming with Dolphins? Beach Honeymoon can be as varied as you want and often even in the same destination. A beach Honeymoon can be tailored into a relaxing Honeymoon, an adventure honeymoon or anything in between. Some destinations are more expected than others.

City Honeymoon: The lights, the sounds, the history & excitement.. There are some romantic cities all over the world that make incredible honeymoon spots for couples looking for love with an urban flair. Enjoy red wine beneath a terra cotta rooftop in an Italian café, flirt over cappuccinos in a Parisian bistro or hold each other close and learn to tango in the intimate city of Buenos Aires. With so many choices it can be hard to decide, so have find inspiration with Neels Holiday’s city honeymoons and here we design the best trip of your lives together.
Countryside Honeymoons:

Desert: With billions of shining stars burning bright in the clear sky above, nighttime in the desert can be a honeymooner’s dream. The desert’s natural mystique makes it a great place for lovers with impressive landscapes and breathtaking night skies. Whether your idea of romance is snuggling up & watching for shooting stars or taking a hike through Rattlesnake country. The desert is an enticing option with great activities for newlywed couples.
Island: Bungalows, palm trees, soothing beaches and exciting water sports… There’s a reason islands are one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners. Whether it’s relaxation, sports, culture or all three. You and your sweetheart choose from islands around the world. If you dream of romance on an Island paradise.

Your new life together all but demands a remarkable experience to get things kicked off. And spending your getaway in the grandeur of majestic mountains and pristine natural beauty of the great outdoors is certainly the beginnings of unforgettable memories. A wonderfully appealing aspect of a mountain honeymoon is that it can be enjoyed at any time of the year with a wide range of experiences for both the active and the laid-back.
A romantic mountain honeymoon means stepping away from crowds, enjoying gorgeous forest animals and exceptional personal, one-on-one activities such as hiking spectacular ridges, fishing cool mountain lakes and walking together in Alpine fields of colorful wildflowers. On the flip side, adventure mountain honeymoons are also perfect for the wild at heart. Skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating in winter months are balanced by the opportunity to zip line from range to range, white water raft on powerful rivers and bike on high altitude roads with breathtaking views in the warmer months.

Whether in cold climates or warm, there is a mountain honeymoon perfect for you and your budget.
In fact, all around the world are fantastic locations for spectacular mountain honeymoons.. Taking advantage of an all-inclusive package can bring you the secluded romance and relaxing rustic charm for the picture perfect mountain honeymoon escape.

Private Island Honeymoons: Imagine eloping on a secluded island, the sun setting behind brilliant pink-orange clouds. Private island honeymoons are a treasure for couples seeking a to run off to a romantic Shangri-la. Whether it’s a wooded island in Maine or a palm-covered pacific reef, there are private islands all around the world just waiting for couples to fall in love with them. From all inclusive private island resorts to luxurious overwater bungalows, a honeymoon on a private island gives you your very own personal piece of paradise.
Unique Honeymoons: Your honeymoon should be like your wedding: Unforgettable. Try taking your love outside the box with an unusual or unique honeymoon. Starting the rest of your lives together with something truly different will give you stories that will fill photo albums and last a lifetime, so get started on a unique lover’s getaway that will be the talk of cocktail parties for years to come.

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