Plan your fantasy escape with help from the list below.

  • Weather
  • Honeymoon Budget
  • Type of Honeymoon
  • Honeymoon offers
  • Honeymoon Gift List
  • Passport Information
  • Travel Insurance
  • Enjoy & Cherish your moments.

Here are few major things for you to think, about when you’re booking Honeymoon. To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for your special Holiday. These Honeymoon booking tips will ensure from speaking to one of Neels Holiday’s Honeymoon specialists to catching your flight home, your honeymoon will be all your imagined and much more.

      1. Weather
        This will play an important role of your decision making, as not all destinations have year round good weather. The month you have chosen to marry may not be the best time to visit your chosen destination for Honeymoon. If you are really looking for ‘once in a lifetime’ honeymoon and have your heart set on a specific country. You must set destination accordingly suitable weather for your Honeymoon. The worlds weather patterns are forever changing and there is no traditional wet or dry season anymore. For this speak to Neels Holiday’s expert Honeymoon consultant for more advice.
      2. Honeymoon Budget
        At Neels Holiday we offer many worldwide destinations with budget to suit everyone, from the elegant & luxurious to the best value for money. Hotels you don’t have to spend huge amount to ensure you have an unforgettable Honeymoon. We also advise to make sure you have enough spending money to enjoy the little luxurious that may come along.

        A lot of couples want to go for maximum nights but have budgets that more likely would get them minimize their nights of Honeymoon. Our advice is always quality over quantity.

      3. Type of Honeymoon
        This is really important when considering your choice of honeymoon destination as you need to know what you both want from your once in a lifetime Holiday.
        If you both enjoy beach holidays & just want to relax after the organisation and planning of your wedding day, then a multi centre trip around Asia is not going to be right for you.
        Likewise if u like activity holidays and being able to walk about, meet and experience the local culture a paradise island in the Maldives won’t be ideal.
        Have a look at Neels Holiday’s Honeymoon destination for planning.
      4. Honeymoon Offers
        Ask about special honeymoon offers on at the hotel that you are considering. Honeymooners can expect on certain hotels from free room upgrade, free massage, free nights, candle light and much more.

      5. Honeymoon Gift List
        An excellent alternative for a wedding list for those couples who have everything they need is a Honeymoon Dreams Gift list. Here their guests can visit and make contribution to their Honeymoon so you have no longer have receive shopping vouchers or toasters, just pure cash towards your honeymoon.
        Please ask Neels Holiday consultant for more details.

      6. Passport Information
        If you are going to change your passport into your married name make sure that all documents and booking details are l in the same name and not a mixture of maiden & married name. If you do change your passport make sure you allow plenty time to send off all the documents and time for it to be send off.
        Please ensure you have a minimum of six months validity on your passport from the date of return. Also ensure that you complete necessary visa procedures that may be required.

      7. Travel Insurance
        Travel Insurance is an essential part of your Honeymoon. Travel insurance can cover your illness abroad, cancellation and loss of luggage. Please ask at Neels Holiday Desk for more details.

      8. Enjoy and Cherish Moments
        The most important thing to remember that enjoy and cherish your each moment with your partner.

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